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About Executive Street Blog

At Executive Street, we feature articles and opinions about the business community. Our goal is to keep you up-to-date on topics surrounding business today by providing advice and resources from accomplished individuals in multiple facets of business. To achieve this goal, we’ve assembled a community of the world’s best thought leaders in topics including management, marketing, operations and leadership.

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  1. Matt Zajechowski

    To the fine experts at executive street,

    I wanted to start off by saying that I enjoy reading your small business blog. I especially enjoyed your post about why small businesses should track their productivity. I was curious to see if you were open to guest contributions to your blog and wanted to pitch a few ideas that I think would be a fit for your blog. These posts would be provided by Insights In Marketing (http://www.insightsinmarketing.com/) who are experts in the field of market research and branding.

    The first idea I had was for a post would talk about questions small business owners should ask themselves to better align themselves with their audience.. Another post idea was to talk about small business can market effectively towards women, both how to do so and why this is important. IIM has written some really phenomenal posts and research on this subject which can be seen here (http://www.insightsinmarketing.com/blog/blog-categories/marketing-effectively-to-women.aspx). The last idea I had would cover ways small businesses can build a stronger brand identity.

    Let me know if you think these are good ideas for your marketing audience. I appreciate your time and consideration and hope we can work on a mutual beneficial marketing post together.