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Leo Bottary

Leo J. Bottary is Vice President, Peer Influence for Vistage and an adjunct professor for two of Seton Hall University’s graduate level programs in strategic communication and leadership.  Leo has enjoyed a 25-year career counseling leaders in the areas of strategic communication planning, crisis communication, brand building, business development, and client service. He has served in senior leadership roles at Mullen and Hill & Knowlton, where he was also director of client service for the US. In 1995, he founded an award-winning public relations agency that a leading industry trade publication hailed as a regional powerhouse, new media pioneer, and great place to work. He sold the firm in 2000. Prior to starting his PR agency, Leo was president of the PR subsidiary for Florida’s largest advertising agency. He earned a B.A. from Jacksonville University,  an M.A. in Strategic Communication and Leadership from Seton Hall University, and is pursuing an Ed.D., with a concentration in Organization Leadership from Northeastern University.

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